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Providing Security Support Services of Excellent Quality

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Security Portfolio

Serving clients globally, Strategic Solutions Integrated, Inc (SSI) provides a robust menu of security support services for all types and sizes of companies through our strategic partner relationships. The services can be provided individually or combined for a package tailored according to the client’s requirements. Our team can deliver a wide range of services, including:

         S​ecurity Services


• Critical Information Review

• Risk Assessments Countermeasures

• Compliance Inspections

• Counterintelligence Programs

• Full CI Program Development, Training, and Implementation

• Ancillary Service

Multi-Factor Intelligent System

• Facial Recognition/Vehicle Occupants

• Vehicle Undercarriage Anomaly Recognition

• License Plate Analysis

Insider Threat

• Anti-Hack

• Automated Continuous Capability

• Social Media Analysis

• Risk Indicators

Insider Threat and Cyber Security Training

Cybersecurity Portfolio

SSI brings together three of the industry’s leading cybersecurity capabilities to accomplish layered protection for the client. By combining three types of technology, the client can feel comfortable that their systems are protected. Ability to provide anti-hack, superior internal control mechanisms and continuous monitoring is the key to defeating threats posed to client’s systems. This combination of capabilities ensures that the client systems are protected from outside penetrations and malicious activity.   

The anti-hack feature is protected by Polyverse, an innovative system that employs dynamic isolation, self-healing network every five seconds thwarting opportunities for advanced-persistent-threat attacks, employment of active defenses through dynamic adaptation to the situational environment, and state-of-the-art code scrambling. The Polyverse system can operate with any existing system.  

Threats do not always come from outside of the organization. Ability to defend against the insider threat is of key importance to organizations. Employment of IONIC Security tools to manage and monitor internal controls provides the second layer of defense for the client. IONIC uses a combination of completely automated and scalable symmetric crypto key orchestration, real-time policy execution, and unobtrusive end-user device instrumentation without the need for proxies or changes to end-user work flow.

Ability to provide continuous evaluation of the client’s personnel is also important to the overall security of the organizations systems and proprietary information and is provided through Thompson Reuters Special Services. This has become a topic of interest for the United States Government (USG) with recent policy addressing Insider Threats and the need to include this as a prerequisite for contracts with the USG. Employing tools that provide the security teams’ rapid notification of situations that may flag individuals as persons of interest are provided continually, giving security personnel an edge on security risks who include potential counterintelligence operations, insider threat persons of interest, and workplace violence. 

 Access Security Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent Vehicle Occupant Detection (IVOD)

Intelligent Vehicle Undercarriage Scanner (IVUS)

Intelligent License Plate Analytics (ILPA)

Intelligent Vehicle Classification System (IVCS)

SSI operates as a Value Added Reseller for GateKeeper Security, Inc.  The core system provided by Gatekeeper includes the Multi-factor Intelligent Security system which is used at facility entry points, airports, railroad companies, cargo loading facilities and numerous high security facilities.  The core access security system is controlled through the GEMS PRO® system, which is a comprehensive,  end-to-end security solution supporting a variety of advanced utilities to add real-time vehicle and occupant alerts, display a statistical aggregate of all event data over time. It features a well-documented WebAPI support capability for custom integration into Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) Systems, customer applications, and 3rd party software.  The suite of products supported by the GEMS PRO® includes the Intelligent Vehicle Undercarriage Scanner (IVUS)™ which uses advanced signal processing to generate a digital fingerprint to automatically inspect a vehicles undercarriage to identify make and model, detect foreign objects and anomalies, and provide alerts regarding potential threats within three seconds, the Intelligent Vehicle Occupant Detection System (IVOD)™ performs real-time facial detection and recognition of all vehicle occupants (both front and rear seats) under a variety of challenging conditions including day, night, inclement weather, high-glare sunlight, and through heavily tinted glass, the Intelligent License Plate Analytics (ILPA)™ employs advanced machine learning, captures high-resolution images of vehicle and truck license plates to accurately provide the plates alpha-numeric value, country and state of origin, make and model under all environmental conditions, and the Intelligent Shipping Container Detection (ISCD)™ automatically recognizes and decodes international shipping container codes, speeding up the security and overall throughput to process cargo tracking at busy border crossings, railways, air and sea ports. 

Multi-Layered Strategic ​Solutions for Tactical Security

The SSI Team analyzes our Client's Requirements and Applies Best Practices to Achieve Top-Rated Solutions: 

• Permanent locations require permanent high-performance systems integrated in a data to decision position to inform a response – that prevents 

   injury/death and damage/destruction.

• Other locations require monitoring and understanding of deleterious actions, and sometimes better temporary high-performance solutions.

• Best of Breed: SSI can speak to many alternatives from which the cost based highest efficacy solution might be selected for the customer.

• SSI is seasoned at selecting and working with components OEMs and industry leaders in integration of those components into systems that are solutions of interest.  All systems are supported through SSI's strategic partner Security Information Systems, Inc.

• SSI personnel are familiar with the pricing of most components and services that will be required to confidently advise the client in the ways of  

  maneuver in this AOR.

• SSI enjoys personnel being organic to the SSI staff familiar with Joint Staff Integrated Vulnerability Assessment (JSIVA) missions.

A SSI customer identifies security requirements for the systems that require protection.  This begins with an analysis of the customer operational environment.  Typical requirements considered when developing the base layer include: 

  • Designing an interoperable and integrated system with existing Suite of conditions
  • All weather passive sensors that are covert/low observation
  • Power and data exfiltration with redundancy (solar)
  • Enhanced communications systems
  • Vehicle tracking component within a closed system not solely reliant on GPS/GNSS interaction
  • A system with components that meet trusted foundry specifications or do not compromise information assurance
  • Assure operational capability in rugged, arid environments
  • A comprehensive Common Operating Picture (COP) that use the least number of screens possible  to keep the control center in the loop
  • Highest probability of intercept with shortened alert, decision,  interdiction responses

The Detection Layer

  • Fiber in the Ground
  • Multi-factor Intelligent Security (MFIS) via Gatekeeper/Entry Shield (Vehicle Entry)
  • Nuclear and Radioactive Detection
  • Fence and Motion Sensors
  • Radar, EO/IR, Night Vision/CCTV
  • Unattended Ground Sensors
  • Mobile Towers, Pan & Tilt Cameras
  • Vehicle Trackers/Drones/UAVs

The Threat Deterrence Layer

  • Fence/Walls
  • Fixed and Raised Bollards
  • Access Barriers/Jersey Walls
  • Lights
  • Sound Alarm
  • Sonic Sound
  • Armed Response
  • Stationary Lethal Response (mine fields)
  • Automated Lethal Response 

The Communication Layer

  • Base Station with COP
  • Roving Vehicle with GPS
  • Fiber Connections
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Connections
  • Mobile Towers

Ancillary Services

  • Independent Investigations

  • Facility Design and Accreditation

  • Subject Matter Expertise and analysis in security systems

  • Vulnerability Assessments

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