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Helping Provide Clean, Potable Water

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Water Cleaning Technology Portfolio

Strategic Solutions Integrated, Inc (SSI) has a team of personnel who keenly understands the needs of providing clean water for a multitude of challenges facing planet earth. We work to assist in the application of uniquely designed water technology to cheaply address multiple verticals impacting clean water for our clients.

Among a few of the challenges that SSI is addressing are our projects dealing with the following:

  • Oil and Gas Industry (Produced and Flowback Water Reclamation)
  • Mining / Coal Industry
  • Potable Water Crisis for Humanitarian Relief 

  • Desalination Solutions
  • Pond, Lake, and River Remediation
  • Farm Waste Challenges
  • Textile Industry Chemical Water Pollutions

Smart Building Development Portfolio

SSI is supporting the development of “smart buildings” where customers are able to eliminate wasting of tens of thousands of gallons of water and all legionella risks. At the same time, they can save up to 25% of their electrical requirements. These buildings will be the future of urban high-rise development and the answer to saving precious resources now through low-cost retrofitting of existing systems.

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