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Helping Provide Clean, Potable Water

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Water Cleaning Technology Portfolio

Strategic Solutions Integrated, Inc (SSI) has a team of personnel who keenly understands the needs of providing clean water for a multitude of challenges facing planet earth. We work to assist in the application of uniquely designed water technology to cheaply address multiple verticals impacting clean water for our clients.

Strategic Solutions Integrated, Inc. developed a portfolio of water cleaning capability that addresses water challenges facing the planet. Some of the greatest challenges stem from the inability to provide agile access to water sources that require cleaning. We are addressing this challenge through mobile systems that operate in more than ninety percent of locations around the world.

Water Technologies


SSI’s fixed and mobile proprietary HYDAC™ technology works on the principals of hydrodynamic cavitation using an orifice to restrict fluid flow to create a pressure drop in the fluid downstream of the orifice resulting in short-lived microbubbles. When the microbubbles collapse, they induce temperatures that can reach up to 10,000 K, which cause chemicals, heavy metals, and biologicals to be denatured and rendered inert. The insoluble salts precipitate out and are removed. The HYDAC™ eliminates a high percentage of heavy metals, viruses, and all biologicals.


is a technology which uses cavitation that is induced by piezo crystals. The cavitation causes intense heat within the acidic environment of a cavitation microbubble. The conditions created by this technology cause sediment, metals, nitrogen, phosphorus pollution, and acidity to be eliminated. The technology is comparable to a combustion process for eliminating these and other contaminates. 

Power Reduction Unit

The Basic Power Unit™ is a revolutionary solid-state energy management system that reduces electric usage, protects valuable electrical systems and electronic equipment, improves motor and machine performance resulting in reduced maintenance costs, increased equipment service life and ultimately helping businesses lower total system life cycle costs and achieve green building objectives.  Based upon an electromagnetic reactor core utilizing patented twin toroidal power quality transformer technology, the BPU™ consistently reduces kWh consumption and kW demand from 8% to 20% +.


Reverse osmosis systems are designed to economically remove up to 99.6% of the dissolved salts, 95% of the total organic content and over 99% of all particulate and colloidal material from water. The system is ideally suited for use as the primary means of water purification, as pretreatment to mixed bed deionizers for ultra-pure water service, and for any other application requiring high quality, purified water.


Cross-Flow Ceramic Membrane Filtration System is the most effective and efficient filtration method to be used for many types of liquid-solid separation applications

HERO™ (High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis) system 

The HERO™™ is capable of similar removal of contaminants as the HydroMax system; however, increased economic benefits will be found through filters designed to operate at low pressures driving the cost to operate the R/O systems much less.


The BoilerPlex/ChillerPlex Water Loop System is designed as a self-contained side stream to the existing loop. It pulls water from a position in the loop where the highest concentration of particulates are most likely to be found. The system will remove any existing scale and prevent the further accumulation of hard water scale while removing any circulating particles and eliminate microbiological contamination It will not interfere with the operation of the loop or change any of the designed parameters of water flow or heat transfer. 


A revolutionary breakthrough in cooling tower maintenance -- the only turnkey maintenance solution that completely resolves all water treatment issues normally associated with cooling tower/chiller system operation. An advanced water treatment solution for steam and water circulating HVAC systems that provides RESULTS all companies seek.  

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Among a few of the challenges that SSI is addressing are our projects dealing with the following:

  • Oil and Gas Industry (Produced and Flowback Water Reclamation)
  • Mining / Coal Industry
  • Potable Water Crisis for Humanitarian Relief 

  • Desalination Solutions
  • Pond, Lake, and River Remediation
  • Farm Waste Challenges
  • Textile Industry Chemical Water Pollutions

ECO Building System (EBS) Development Portfolio

SSI is supporting the development of “smart buildings” where customers are able to eliminate wasting of tens of thousands of gallons of water and all legionella risks. At the same time, they can save 25 - 40% of their electrical requirements. These buildings will be the future of urban high-rise development and the answer to saving precious resources through low-cost retrofitting of existing systems.

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